Hello Again

Hoping there are still some of you out there, a big hello to my faithful readers.

With the sincere belief that absence makes the heart grow fonder, I apologize
for my lengthy break and hope you won’t be too hard on me.

For those of you who don’t know, last winter I moved back to my hometown of
Kalamazoo MI. I am grateful to be here and look forward to sharing my journey
with you as we go along.

But for now I will be short and just say that changes happened rapidly in my life and,
amidst the whirlwind, I did not stay with my writing. While I can now
say that was definitely a mistake, I am once again putting pen to paper
to help us all find ways to accept, create, and embrace change in our lives.

Everywhere I look it seems to me that people are making big changes in their lives, or working
toward change. I know people who have moved to new cities, people who are changing
jobs or looking for a job (yours truly included). Others are fine tweaking what they do, little changes, to make what is already satisfying and fruitful to them even more so.

Change, even when we are embracing and accepting it in our lives can still leave us feeling a bit frazzled and frantic. When we are working and being productive in our lives it seems that all we want is to not work; to have our days free to pursue all the things we love to do and don’t have time for. And now perhaps we have that and don’t enjoy it because we feel guilty that we shouldn’t be doing fun things when we aren’t spending every last second trying to find work.

As long as you are being proactive in looking for new work, why not enjoy the extra time you have instead of being in a constant state of worry. Creating balance between just enough worry to keep you motivated while enjoying yourself and being open to new experiences as you continue along your path is the goal. It’s about making your entire life work so that you get up every morning and do what brings you joy in life and makes your heart sing. If new work isn’t coming easily, maybe that is a sign that you should be thinking about a different direction in life; digging deep inside to create a new path that brings joy along with a paycheck.

Who knows what good things can come out of pursuing something new or expanding your involvement in something you already love. I took a knitting class, mentioned that I was looking for a part time job and the very next week a woman said her son was opening a new restaurant and looking for people. Turns out it wasn’t what I was looking for, but one possibility in one week from a group of three people isn’t bad.

Am I going back for open knitting evenings? You bet!

Stay tuned for more about job searching, becoming fearless, letting go of perfection and a host of other topics to help you navigate your way through this wonderful world we call home.

8 thoughts on “Hello Again

  1. Stephanie

    Hi Paula,
    You are right on the money! I got home from Atlanta about two -three weeks ago, and decided to take time off after spending the first half of the year working then on this project for several months. It’s amazing how difficult it is to relax! I do love to be productive so there’s that, but also it’s unbelievable how much guilt there is when I wake up and am not headed out the door to work. Wow! I’m thinking about changing what I do for work and even that is daunting… My answer is to get back out there and get busy. I seem to find more answers that way! At least for now I think it’s my formula! Hopefully, somewhere in the near future I will find the right balance between work and relaxing!

    Glad to see you writing again!

    1. yogapaula Post author

      Hi Stephanie! Thanks for your comment. I understand about keeping busy and I find plenty to do even though there is not paycheck involved. I love projects and they keep me going and engaged. My next post is going to be about finding meaningful work. Help wanted ads are dismal. They are poorly written and, I truly believe, also written to keep out an older workforce. Really going to have to get creative and start connecting with people. Maybe I should start a service to write help wanted ads..I cannot believe the spelling and grammatical errors I see in most of those ads.


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